Ray & Angelo at PASIC, 19930 Ray at his desk, 19941 Ray in the LP R&D Dept, 19962 Giovanni, Chembo & Ray3 Chembo Corniel & ray4 John Rodriguez, Jose Madera, Eddie Montalvo & Ray5 Ray & Armando Peraza6 Ray & Bernie Williams7 Ray & Raul Rekow8 Steve Nigohosian, Melissa Lavergne & Ray9 Matt O'Connor, Terry & Ray10 Andy, Ray & Rich, in the LP studio!11 Andy & Ray12 David, Ray & Jim13 Ray & Arturo Riera14 Ray visiting a dealer in LP! 15 Ray & Heidi16 Ray & Nadine17 Off to the races ... Jim, Steve & Ray18 Ray & Angelo ... one for the road?19 Ray & John Blackwell20 Hey that's my hat!21 Ray & the Raylettes ... lovin' NAMM!22 Ray at Terry's wedding shower!23 Ray singing in the rain ... ok Bing!24 Party time: Victor, Steve, Ray & Marcia25 The beat goes on!26